Writing Tests

We use a stylized way of writing tests based on the xtext testing framework. The test class declaration must extend XtextTest and be annotated as follows:

class ModeTransitionsTest extends XtextTest {

It is important to use the Aadl2Injectorprovider and not the UI injector provider as the UI injector requires the presence of files in an Eclipse workspace.

Provided Helper Classes

Class TestHelper

This class provides access to the parser, linker, validator, etc. and can process AADL strings and AADL files. It must be injected into the test class:

TestHelper<AadlPackage> testHelper

Class TestResourceSetHelper

This class provides a singleton resource set that can be reused across tests. The resource set is initialized on creation with all contributed AADL property sets and packages. It is mainly there for use in TestHelper. Note that each call to getResourceSet() returns the same resource set but removes all resources loaded since the previous call.

Class AssertHelper

This class provides a couple of extension methods for working with the FluentIssueCollection and to test scoping.


There are a couple of examples that show how tests can be written:

  • in org.osate.core.tests

    • Issue277Test.xtend This shows how to parse a string that contains AADL text and work with the resulting AADL Package.

    • Issue361Test.xtend This test shows how to instantiate a component implementation and work with the resulting instance model. Note that the instance model must be created in the same resource set as the declarative AADL model.

    • Issue1092Test.xtend This test shows how to analyze issues reported during instantiation, see method testUnmappedModes().

    • ModeTransitionsTest.xtend This test shows how to get a fluent issue collection from an AADL string and how to work with it.

Running tests

Tests can be run in the development environment using Run as... -> JUnit Plug-in Test. Running a plain JUnit tests does not work because the test envoronment needs the eclipse plugin mechanism to load contributed AADL property sets and packages.

In the tycho build, test plugins must run with the UI enabled because tests load plugins that depend on UI plugins even if they don’t use the UI during the test.